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Received pre-selected offer in mail for $800 credit line. Sure, they earned interest money from me but that’s what they need to do considering no fees on the card. I use my bank for bill pay, so a payment is pushed to Merrick when I have a balance due and I have never had a problem with a payment not being credited in a day or two. However, when I attempted to set up a recurring merrick credit cards on-line payment… my woes just began.

I do have half I can use, and I didn’t plan on spending the whole $700 right now anyways. I have other credit cards that don’t merrick credit cards charge an annual fee. It would be nice if they either gave me my deposit back or gave me interest on it.

Two months ago, my payment was credited to my account, then they said my bank had returned my check, BS, I have never had a returned check. I would never carry a balance on the Merrick CC due to high interest rates, but I use it for small purchases and then pay in full at the end of each week.

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